Management & Propagace reklam

Our team can take care of the management on your social media, which includes posting, answering messages and replying to comments. We can also create ads suited for your business and clients.

Kalendář publikací

Our team will set up a publication calendar for you and help you plan for when and what to publish on your social media.

Měsíční zpráva

We will send you monthly reports on the statistics about your business, for example views, visitors, reach etc. This can help you see what type of content your customers likes and what works best for your business.

Marketingová strategie

Do you need more traffic to your website? More followers on your social media? We will help you reach your marketing goals and our team will customize a marketing strategy plan to help you reach those goals.

Video & Fotostudio

To have professional photos and video content for your business is very good way to stand out and optimize tour SEO. We will take care of every step of the production to finished product, but we can also to the parts that you don’t enjoy. Maybe you love filming but hate editing? Or love editing and hates taking photos?

Ateliér designu

Our experienced design team can create designs for business cards, flyers, signs, menus, websites and much more.