Our Super Powers...

If you would like to have the instrumental / playback of any song, you came to the right place.

Just supply us with the song or the link from Youtube and we will remove the Voice or some Instruments, and also adjust the tonality and the speed of the song according to your necessity.

We don’t need any separate tracks to achieve this, check the Demo below.


Only material used: Nem Truz Nem Muz - Senhora do Almortão (Traditional)


The only material we have to work with

No Voice

Let's try removing the voice

Voice Only

Let's take just the voice


Let's alter the tone -2#, useful when a singer is uncomfortable with the original tone.


Let's alter the tone dramatically and also change the speed, a bit faster.


Let's increase 2 semitones and lower the speed -4 BPM.

Attention: Everything about this Demo can be further Optimized and Developed Upon

Remember, we did not have any tracks in separate to achieve all this.

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