Our online conference can be used 24 hours a day, it is accessible from a single click or QR code, without the need to download any application, it can be integrated into your own website. In the conference you can switch between using only Audio or Video, or both simultaneously.

You can create as many different conference rooms as you need for different purposes, from internal online meetings, showcase products etc. You can also offer the service to other companies and associations for free.

Webb Apps

A web app is a software that you can use from any web browser. A web app can for example be an online folder that you can access from everywhere whereyou can keep all your documents or other important files in.

Hybrid, IOS- eller Android-appar

In society, mobiles and tablets are increasingly important in our everyday lives. Along with this factor, apps are more sought after and used for many types of business. Our team can design and create the ideal app for your company.

CD / DVD / Download Cards

More people are opting for digital music, which makes it portable, more accessible and allows you to listen whenever and wherever you want.

Programvara för uppgiftshantering

When your business is growing and more your hire more staff it can be hard for everyone to keep on track with the tasks. Our team can create a task management software that are customized after your business needs. You can access this software from multiple devices and every person can get their own account. This makes it easy for you to see how many tasks your business got, when they need to be done, who is making it and much more.

Digitala menyer för restauranger

A digital restaurant menu will often be the first thing a future customer will look at and that will be their first impression of your company. Therefor is a well-functioning and good looking online menu very important. Our experienced web design team will create a digital online menu that represent the style of your business.

Interactive Archviz

Med hjälp av vårt breda utbud av verktyg och kompetenser, Vi garanterar kompositionen och dekorationen av ditt utrymme med tanke på dina preferenser, från vinyl, till belysning, Dekorativa plaketter, och mycket mer.

Genom att skapa en interaktiv Archviz-app i 3D bara för dig, Du kommer att kunna se in i framtiden och gå runt i ditt drömhus eller företag, innan den ens var byggd eller inredd. Ta tid på dig, Det här är inte bara en video, utan mer som ett videospel där du kan fördjupa dig och njuta av varje detalj.


The game development involves a wide variety of skill and a specialized team. Our team have the knowledge to develop the most varied multimedia and mobile applications, including video games and interactive system. We will program the most suitable multimedia or apps for your business.