3D 工作室

  • 交互式架构 & 室内设计

借助我们广泛的工具和技能, 我们保证根据您的喜好对您的空间进行组成和装饰, 从乙烯基, 到照明, 装饰牌匾, 等等.

通过为您创建 3D 交互式建筑可视化应用程序, 您将能够看到未来,并在您梦想中的房子或企业中漫步, 甚至在建造或装饰之前. 别着急, 这不仅仅是一个视频, 但更像是一个视频游戏,你可以沉浸其中,享受每一个细节.

  • 摄影 测量

Photogrammetry is the art and science of extracting the 3D information from photographs. To do this we need to take several photographs of a structure, object or space and turn them into 2D or 3D digital models.

  • 建 模 & 雕刻

  • 纹理

Texturing is when we add a flat picture to a 3D model to create the illusion that it has a texture. When we are creating a 3D model we always work with texturing to make the model look more alive and realistic.

  • 3D 打印

3D打印是指我们获取数字文件并打印三维实体物体. 与我们的设计团队一起,我们可以提出适合您需求的 3D 设计. 我们可以打印您的徽标, 更小的装饰品等等.

  • 3D Integrated Web Development

3D integrated websites are not very common and will make you stand out from the crowd if you have it. Our team can design and create the 3D items on your website, for example it can be your logo or one of your products.